Pablo Nicotine Pouches Strongest Nicotine Pouches

Pablo nicotine pouches offer four popular favourites. They are all in slim format and have an incredibly high nicotine level – as much as 30 mg/g. This means that Pablo nicotine pouches are only recommended for experienced users and for those who are used to really strong snus. What distinguishes the four different products in the Pablo nicotine pouches range is the classic mint, spearmint, tobacco flavour, and a really well-filled XXL-sized box. If you like really strong nicotine pouches and a burst of mint, Pablo nicopods are for you.

Pablo nicotine pouches are made by the Swedish company NGP Empire, the same company that makes Killa nicotine pouches. Killapods have a nicotine level of 16 mg/g and are therefore classified as extra strong, yet we see this brand as a little brother to Pablo nicotine pouches. In the case of Pablo nicotine pouches, the four products in the range have a nicotine level of 30 mg/g and are classified as super strong. That’s why Pablo is the big brother.

Four strong nicotine pouches in the range

Pablo nicotine pouches have four different products in the range, all of which are really good and very popular. This is the brand for those who want a nicotine kick with a refreshing burst of mint flavour. Pablo nicotine pouches do not work with any berries, exotic fruits or experimental flavors. If you buy Pablo nicotine pouches, you know what you’re getting – it’s classic mint of the highest quality! The four products differ slightly, so everyone should find their absolute favourite.

All varieties of Pablo nicotine pouches are in slim format and the pouches are made of cellulose which is soft and comfortable to wear under the upper lip. Three flavours from Pablo nicotine pouches are Pablo red super strong slim, Pablo X-ice cold super strong slim and Pablo ice cold super strong slim. These three super strong flavours have a nicotine level of 30 mg/g and each pouch contains 16 grams. This type of information is set out in the text of each product here in our shop.

Pablo ice cold, danger strong

Pablo ice cold, danger strong (Pablo ice cold, danger strong) The fourth product in the range from Pablo nicotine pouches Pablo ice cold XXL super strong slim and has the same taste as Pablo ice cold super strong slim. The difference is that this XXL size pouch contains 50% more, filled with delicious content. Pablo ice cold XXL super strong slim has a content of 24 grams divided into 30 portions, while the original contains only 16 grams and 20 portions.

Three varieties in slim size with mint flavour

Pablo ice cold super strong slim is the bestseller from Pablo nicotine pouches, flavoured with a really great taste of classic mint. It provides a refreshing sensation without being either too strong or too wimpy. Then we have Pablo red super strong slim from Pablo nicotine pouches. This product also has a well-composed taste of mint, but here the classic mint flavour has been joined by spearmint which is perceived as slightly sweeter. The combination of mint and spearmint makes Pablo red super strong slim a little rounder in taste, which is appreciated by many users.

Pablo X-ice cold super strong slim also contains mint, but this product surprises us with the taste of tobacco. These are nicotine pouches without tobacco, but where Pablo nicotine pouches managed to capture a genuine and appreciated taste of tobacco. Perfect for those who have given up snus with tobacco to avoid the negative effects, but who miss the taste of tobacco. Give these strong nicotine pouches a try, Pablo nicotine pouches have succeeded in capturing a great taste of tobacco, without the slightest trace of tobacco.

Not recommended for inexperienced users

With its incredibly high nicotine level of 30 mg/g, Pablo nicotine pouches are not recommended for inexperienced users or those who are sensitive to nicotine. These are nicotine pouches for those who are used to a high intake of nicotine or who want to test their limits. Be careful when using Pablo nicotine pouches at first and do not use the product for long periods if you do not feel comfortable.

From tobacco to Pablo nicotine pouches

If you have been snusing classic snus with high nicotine levels and want to switch to tobacco-free snus, Pablo nicotine pouches are a good alternative. For example, Siberia Snus has a product with a nicotine level of 43 mg/g, and Offroad X Arctic Xplorer White Dry is a snus with a nicotine level of 45 mg/g. If you want to switch from one of these varieties to a tobacco-free alternative, we can recommend Pablo nicotine pouches. Keep an eye out here at for a bargain, sometimes we have exclusive deals on your favourites.

The evolution of nicotine pouches

Classic Swedish snus containing tobacco evolved over time into a new product on the market, white portion. This product has the same content as the classic original portion, the difference being that the white portion does not go to the processing to be re-wetted, resulting in portions in white bags that have a moist content but are dry on the surface. This means that the snus does not flow as much under the lip.

The evolution then went from white portion to all white portion where both bag and contents are completely white. This all-white content has undergone a purification process and contains a smaller amount of tobacco. The all white portion is completely dry, which means that it can take a few extra seconds from the time you put the portion under your lip until the flavour and nicotine start to be released. To make nicotine pouches, no tobacco is used at all. Instead, the nicotine is extracted from the tobacco leaves and added to the product, which is also completely white.

Pablo nicotine pouches – something out of the ordinary

Pablo nicotine pouches are nicopods from Sweden that have become popular all over the world, among those who want that little bit extra. Among those who are not satisfied with ordinary nicotine pouches but want something extra. Extra nicotine, extra mint, extra quality. With Pablo ice cold XXL super strong slim, you can also get extra everything in an extra large pack, a whole 24 g of content in one can. The feeling of opening the can, the smell, the soft bags and then placing a Pablo nicotine pouches under your lip is indescribable.